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Cognitive Recommendation Engine

Human centric recommendation system for

Pro-active service, cross sell, up sell, churn prevention

Amigo Cognitive Recommendation Engine

Shift from old-age “actionable insights” to automated real time “Insight based action”

Amigo Cognitive CX Recommendation system enables you to truly “understand” your customer, “identify” their lifestyles and “predict” best action in that micro moment.

Personalize journey for New and Existing customers across channels – website, chatbot, voice bot, mobile app .

Help customers with AI models built on attributes spanning demographics, product holding, channel usage, social profile, clickstream, feedback and more.


Dynamic Persona

Dynamic persona creation based on an innovative approach of real-time data analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Ethical AI with multi jurisdiction privacy compliant & anonymised Behavioural data analytics and scoring.

The persona becomes the basis for all your activities across channels and products for hyper-personalization.


Nearest neighbor

Leveraging deep learning to map the customer persona with closest personas to form “Peer Persona”.
Peer persona helps us identify customer journey stage and the expected behavior.
Amigo data model and ontology have pre-defined domain-specific product attributes, customer life stage events and visual tools to fine tune the parameters based on business needs.

Context pairing

Amigo recommendation engine combines dynamic persona attributes with the current context to generate relevant in moment recommendations for intelligent conversations , for guaranteed increase in conversions, cross sell and upsell.


Streaming recommendations

Shift from actionable insights to insight based automated actions, across channels like mobile, web, chatbots, voicebots. Leverage Amigo platform for active streaming of recommendations with automated improvement via reinforcement learning.

Kick Start your Strategic journey towards AI-Powered Personalized Conversations


Inform, Advise, Service, Up-Sell


Recommendation system functional modules

Leverage the power of collective intelligence to enhance your customer experience with pre-built AI models paired with Omni channel multi lingual NLP chat & voice bots, flexible & secure customer journeys, voice & face verification & human in the loop.


Proactive service

Identify, define and manage the customers’ journey with AI based prediction of Next Best Action (NBA) to fulfil customer needs.


Cross sell

Increased cross-sell revenue via Persona & context based recommendation of own and ecosystem partner products.



Auto recommend upsell products and services with seamless fulfilment.



Understand every visitor’s behaviour from clickstream data, manage leads and increase conversion.

Recommendation system technical modules

Open architecture, plug and play modules to co-exist with your infrastructure.


Data pipeline

Consume structured and unstructured data in batch or real time and map with pre-defined domain specific ontology of product categories with hierarchical attribute classification.

Customer insight

Customer journey specific algorithms, trained on large data sets for accuracy with Reinforcement learning for continuous improvement.


Zeroth Session

Recommendations for new prospects based on clickstream data, usage patterns, location and more.



Real time active streaming of context based recommendations for optimum impact on cross sell, upsell and conversions.

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