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Cognitive Banking
Customer Experience

Inform, Serve, Personalize, Delight - Banking AI for Superlative CX

With a laser-sharp focus on Customer Experience automation for financial services, we use Deep Learning, NLP, computer vision, big data, recommendation system & speech analytics fused with our domain knowledge of working with 100's of banks across 50 countries to help financial institutions shift from :

  • Legacy to latest channels
  • Transactions to goal-based journeys
  • Reactive service provider to a proactive advisor
  • Silos to ecosystem

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Context based Automated recommendations & actions for true hyper personalization.


Remove friction & make customer journeys seamless by embedding voice, text, image, video & analytics.


Omni digital experience for automated query resolution, context specific targeting and seamless human handoff.


Predictive analytics to bridge customer and product attributes for insight based automated action.

All-in-one AI for Banking customer experience

Pre-built Baking AI solutions to
Increase retention, conversion, cross sell & up-sell

Quick time to market with pre-built parametrizable customer journeys.

Omni-channel by design with cross channel security for chatbots across Mobile, Web, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo, Telegram and more.

Comprehensive banking AI – Multilingual NLP, Embedded Computer vision, Speech & Personalised Recommendations.

Kick Start your Strategic journey towards AI-Powered Personalized Banking


Inform, Serve, Personalize, Delight


Go live in weeks with pre-built AI

Leverage pre-built omni-channel multilingual NLP chat & voice bots, flexible & secure customer journeys, voice & face verification, behavioral cross-sell & upsell recommendations with a human in the loop.



Frictionless loan lifecycle from targeting, information discovery, recommendations, origination, service, cross sell across channels and languages.


Account services

Embedded banking services from onboarding, payments, inquiries, complaints to customer delight.

Cash Management

Automated recommendations for pooling, sweeps and liquidity optimization.



Embedded Investment banking services from onboarding, payments, portfolio inquiries, complaints to customer delight.


Cross sell & Upsell

Delight customers with micro targeted cross sell and upsell recommendations based on behavioural persona & current conversation context.


Speech & Face Verification

Multimodal biometric authentication built for today’s channels.



Ai based self service/ video agent assisted eKYC with text extraction, video, image and speech verification.


Truly personalise offers and rewards based on Demographics, Past behaviour patterns, social profile, interaction pattern ,device data, social graph & current conversation context.

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