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“60% of the consumers say speed is critical to a great customer service experience.”

AI powered chatbots are transforming the customer service landscape for businesses across industries, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction through automation, big data and analytics.

Incorporating digitization comes with few concerns of its own like– How to resolve complex issues which need a human intervention? How can a chatbot and human agent work together seamlessly?

“Until Chatbots entered the space, businesses spend close to 1.3 trillion dollars every year on customer service calls.”
Human Hand-off is a feature in which the conversation from the bot is transferred to the human agent frictionlessly and the customer can interact with the agent directly to resolve complex issues.

Scenarios for Human-handoff

When is human-hand off triggered?
AI powered Chatbot triggers human hand-off in the following scenarios-

    When the customer places a request to directly talk to a human agent the bot-conversation is seamlessly transferred to an agent, who then interacts with the customer to resolve the issue in hand.


    AI Chatbot uses sentiment analysis to improve customer satisfaction. The bot analyses the user’s emotions and modifies its responses accordingly. If the user is getting angry or frustrated, it diverts the customer to an agent to ensure a superior customer experience.


    The bot identifies the customer based on the user category, issue severity, time taken for resolution etc. and assigns him/her in the priority list. For example, if a customer has already raised three tickets, he is proactively offered to be assigned to the agent on priority-basis for quick resolution.

    Fall-back option

    In case the user repeats the same query more than 3 times ignoring the bot responses, the conversation goes to fall back option, wherein the customer is given the option of getting a call back from the agent. This feature makes sure that each and every customer is appropriately taken care of.

To achieve maximum efficiency in customer service, the bot to agent hand-off is incorporated with priority-routing options. Routing can be customized based on the business requirement and use case.


    Round-robin routing

    The hand-off requests from the bot are assigned to the agent as per the availability.

    Language-based routing

    Agents are assigned based on the language preference of the customer. This eliminates language barriers as a reason for poor call resolution or low customer satisfaction.

    Skill-based routing

    Bot to the agent conversations are assigned based on an agent's skill set and domain knowledge helping in quick issue resolution by expert and improving overall service efficiency.


AI powered Amigo Chatbot comes with an agent-assist feature, wherein the agent is equipped with the context of the conversation between the user and bot as well as the customer profile. So that there is no repeated questioning, improving the overall customer experience.

    Canned responses

    The agent is assisted with templatized responses for quick query resolution after transferring chat to human agent.

    Action recommendations

    The agent is assisted with actionable recommendations using AI to help him resolve the issue based on the customer persona and behaviour. This includes upsell recommendations, wherein the agent can suggest a newer product version.


    Agent is equipped with customer’s data like demographics, past issues faced, ticket resolution history etc. enabling the agent to understand and serve the customer better. For example, provide information about the type of product the customer is using, how long he has been using it and what kind of problems were faced by the customer in the past.
Reduce your cost to serve upto 60%, by using agents only for complex issues only.

AI powered Amigo Chatbot offers your customers with a frictionless human hand off experience by improving efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Bringing AI + Human together, Amigo Cognitive CX platform helps businesses to get closer to their customers across channels, languages, customer journeys and transactions.